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Alphabet For Kids

The developing application “Alphabet For Kids” will help learn to recognize the alphabet letters and compose words in a fun way.

> Interesting game tasks make learning letters from A to Z an exciting game!
> Each letter has a bright coloring, which is available within the menu under the button “color the letter”! There are 26 pictures for coloring according to all letters.
> Each letter is pronounced clearly and correctly, to form a beautiful speech pattern.
> Words from letters can be made easily and intuitively with a feature “Collect a word”.

This is an interactive game created with care and love. The process of learning letters is fascinating, thanks to a multitude of interactive features, fancy design and pleasant animation. In the cheerful style of letters outlines we can recognize funny animals that will amuse any user.

“Alphabet For Kids” will help you learn the alphabet, correct pronunciation and combining letters into simple words in the fun playing way. The application “Alphabet For Kids” contains 6 games, each of which develops and entertains in its own way:
Learn letters,
Pick any letter
Find letter
Find first letter of a word
Type a word
Colorize a letter

Jolly and unobtrusive music will complement the atmosphere that is comfortable for playing and learning the ABC. Learn, play and have fun with the interactive alphabet “Alphabet For Kids”!
Download Alphabet For Kids for free
Free download Alphabet For Kids : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sylok.abceng