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Axe Throw

Let’s play the most addictive game in the world!

Axe throw is an axe-shooting game for all ages anywhere and anytime.
Have you ever thought of becoming a member of an axe gang, throwing the axe accurately, and hitting the bull’s eye?
Let’s play Axe Throw!

– Throw a flying axe at the target bulls to break them
– Be careful not to focus on the bullseye with a skull
– Predicting the movement and the speed of the target
– The number of your axes is limited
– Throw your axe correctly, advance the level

– No Wifi, No Problem! Free to play, enjoy Puzzle game anywhere, anytime
– Suitable for all ages,
– No time limits, just be careful with how many remaining axes you have!
The rules are simple.

Let’s see how many bullseyes you can shoot!Download Axe Throw for free
Free download Axe Throw : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.axe.ss.android