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Balding Man And Scary Horror Games

Do you love horror games? Do you love scary games? And what is the best game of 2019? Balding Man And Scary Horror Games is the best answer for you!
This strategy game is about a bald-headed teacher living in a horror school. He has no wife, neighbor, he has no friend at all. He loves math and teaching, but the school makes him angry sometimes.
The bald-headed teacher is very good in education, he love math teaching, games for kids, such as jump rope and chasing games. You must servive and escape from the school, you just have 5 night (5 day).
Let’s download this amazing game, get a box full of bendy drinking straws, took a high jump and got the ball through the bendy hoop. Playing and learning, it’s great!
Download Balding Man And Scary Horror Games for free
Free download Balding Man And Scary Horror Games : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.baldismath.matheducation.basiclearning