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Barbershop | The Game

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own barbershop?
Or just wanted to try yourself in this business?
Now you have this opportunity!

Let us introduce the new game Barbershop | The Game, in which you play the role of the owner of the Barbershop!

Accept customers, make cool haircuts, hire famous barbers, and this is just the beginning! Keep track of your budget and try to please your customers. Create the coolest barbershop in the city!
Also you have complete freedom of action. Create your own unique interior. Choose furniture, walls, floors etc., to your taste!

Show your uniqueness to the world with BarberNET.
What is BarberNET? This is an online platform for all our players. Post your barbershop online and get ratings from other players, as well as evaluate other players and earn game currency!

During the game, perform internal tasks to get cash rewards and experience. Increase your level and become the most famous on the GP Service leaderboard!

Game features:
-Beautiful graphics
-Interesting gameplay
-Diversity of game content
-Excellent soundDownload Barbershop | The Game for free
Free download Barbershop | The Game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kotovspace.bs