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Big Dipper – Short Romance Visual Novel

A miracle beyond the polar circle. They say it’s hard to find a place to call your own, but what if such a place was not uniquely yours? What if both of you were not willing to give it up?

Big Dipper is a kinetic visual novel, available in both English and Russian, which tells a romantic story of the unusual circumstances that brought two lovers together one fateful New Year’s Eve.

-An estimated 2-4 hours in length
-Cut-in chibi and illustration art
-Dynamic visual effects, including animated backgrounds
-Available in both English & Russian
-10+ CGs
-Beautiful, Distinct High Resolution HD Artwork
-A wonderful story detailing love, fate, and the decisions that guide us through lifeDownload Big Dipper – Short Romance Visual Novel for free
Free download Big Dipper – Short Romance Visual Novel : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TopHatStudios.BigDipper