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Bud Farm Idle – Hempire Farm Growing Tycoon

Are you crazy fans of farm and idle game ?
It’s time to grow!
“Bud Farm Idle – Hempire Farm Growing Tycoon” is idle farm game for you to play every day.
Develop your herb farm from small village, feed a lot of buds .
If you think life in the big city is crazy, wait until you get a load of the country life in Bud “Bud Farm Idle – Hempire Farm Growing Tycoon” while managing a house idle farm!
You’ve got to Watering the garden,for garden listening to music, though,to keep the idle bud farm grow well.
Prepare your idle farm: gather resources and open up production to bring your farm to prosperity.
Plant many green tree type and collect them into bright bouquets.
Collect and upgrade your favorite tree strains like Sour Diesel, Grand Daddy Purple, and Train wreck in this new strategic 420 idle game.
Manage every stage of production from the grow room, processing room, and your storefront. To be the greatest, you gotta learn from the greatest.

Collection Breeding plants :
Acapulco Gold (Mexican Sativa), Girl scout cookies , Og kush , cherry pie , Amnesia haze, Hindu kush , Durban Poison, White widow, Thai stick, Chem’91 ,Strawberry cough, Grand daddy purple, Super lemon haze, G-13, Skunk#1, Blueberry , Bruce banner , cannatonic , Nothern light, Afghani #1, Chem Dog, Sour Diesel, Big Bud, the goo…

• AUTOMATE your idle farm and earn continuously while you’re away to get rich
• COLLECT hundreds of cool crops each with their own style
• WEATHER CONTROL – Increase production by powering up the light and making it rain on your hempire idle weed farm
• PRESTIGE by taking your crops to market in return for magical hemp seeds
• INVEST WISELY with smart decisions on when to upgrade, harvest or earn idle profits
• PLAY GAME ANYWHERE! – Free to play online or offline, no connection required.Download Bud Farm Idle – Hempire Farm Growing Tycoon for free
Free download Bud Farm Idle – Hempire Farm Growing Tycoon : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bud.farm.green.idle.khalifa.hempire