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Buster Soul Android Gameplay (KR)

Buster Soul Android Gameplay (KR) Download Game

Buster Soul : Luxury Auto Farming RPG

▶ Real auto Farming Luxury RPG, Buster Soul!
▶ Well-designed Dynamic Battle system(Auto+Manual)!

★ Features
– Auto Battles: Let the AI do the boring parts, getting XP and items
– Manual Battles: Intensive Boss Raids & Fierce Realtime PVP
– Fun as PC RPGs: Various Equipment and enchantment and PK

★ Farming and Competitions
– Auto dungeons for leveling up and Item farming!
– Manual raids to defeat gigantic bosses!
– Compete with other users in the Arena for dark coins and ranking!

★ Dynamic Battle System
– Auto and manual battle system change their role by situations!
– Manage your playstyle balance between Auto and Manual for rewards and character growth
– Experience different battles by setting character cards with various elements

★ Characters and Classes
– Start your adventure with 3 characters prepared for you.
– Unique 20 Classes are available.
– Set party members and skills strategically for the best performance.


Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Total Size : 321 MB
Online/Offline? : Online

Download Buster Soul Android Gameplay (KR)

Buster Soul Android Gameplay (KR) Free Download