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Cafe Merge: Business & Merging Game

The Cafe Merge game is an addictive puzzle full of delicious adventures. Match yummies to make mouthwatering desserts. Earn coins and open new recipes!
This merging puzzle is simple yet captivating. Start playing right away without a boring tutorial!
Join Cafe Merge today to build your own restaurant business from scratch.


No time to sit idle! Every few seconds you will receive a gift with a new yummie. Find its exact match on the playing board. Merge matching desserts and beverages to cook a new delicacy. When two yummies are merged, they form an even more delicious and expensive dessert. The more sumptuous the meal you cook, the more money you earn for it.


You can constantly develop and level up your cafe by merging yummies, creating new recipes, and expanding the playing board. Start with a cozy coffee shop and upgrade it to a fashionable restaurant with an extended menu of divine delicacies.


• Easy-to-play delicious puzzle game
• Addictive yummies merger – you literally can’t stop playing
• A variety of mouthwatering desserts – find the right match for each
• Cafe building – from a small coffee shop to a huge restaurant

Many enjoyable cooking adventures await you. Join the game now and become a restaurant tycoon with Cafe Merge!
Download Cafe Merge: Business & Merging Game for free
Free download Cafe Merge: Business & Merging Game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ascella.cafemerge