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Criminal Stickman Escape 3D

Criminal Stickman Escape 3D Download Game

Criminal Stickman Escape 3D by GENtertainment Studios
Stickman is active in doing criminal activities. After every illegal activity he has to escape from police. You are playing a role of stickman in this fun filled game. Help the stickman in his crime missions.
Criminal Stickman Escape 3D is a crime scene escape game. You will enjoy doing unlawful actions and escaping from police. You’ll be attacked by guards. You have to save yourself and fight with them. Use your energy wisely. Fighting requires energy.
In its amazing missions you‘ll do different interesting criminal activities. Like to rob a bank and a store. Act as a security guard at airport and run away with a rich man’s luggage. Its mission about robbery in a bank is very challenging. You’ll enjoy it at hell.
Use joystick to move and pick up the hints to complete the level.
Complete each escape mission by using strategies!
Criminal Stickman Escape 3D Features!
• Challenging Escape Missions!
• Directions and Hints!
• Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!
• Different Environments to explore!
• Interesting Scenarios to complete!
Download link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

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Criminal Stickman Escape 3D Free Download