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Critter Clash: Slingshot Battle

Critter Clash: Slingshot Battle, is a PVP slingshot battle game! Build your team of Critters to battle other players in the jungle. Monkey around and knock them out before they go bananas on you. Start with a team of monkeys and slingshot your weapons at their Critters to win!

⚔️ Rank up your team of Critters as you swing and fling your way to victory in this brand new PVP action packed slingshot battle game! It’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

🐵 Collect Critters and abilities to make your perfect team!
Upgrade and unlock critters to give your team the PVP competitive edge you need to make a monkey of your enemies!

🐱 Cats CUT Ropes, Monkeys BREAK Branches!
Learn the different abilities of Monkeys, Cats and over 40 different Critters. From a rock throwing monkey to a poop throwing piggy! KO Critters and climb to the top with a wacky mashup of cute characters and competitive slingshot gameplay!

🏆 Ranked PVP Slingshot Battles!
Battle to climb the ranks in our Ranked Mode to unlock all new Critters to clash and abilities that will give you the competitive edge in PVP with endless strategies that will keep you swinging and flinging for hours!

🍌Monkey around in Banana Battle Mode
Get down to Monkey business in our Banana Battle Mode with it’s twisted slingshot rules will keep you experimenting for hours!
Snowstorm Battle
Inferno Battle
Dark Night Battle and more!

🛡️ Adventure Mode!
Monkey see, Monkey do! Practice your PVP slingshot skills with monkeys, cats and a whole cast of cute Critters as you learn how to pull off INCREDIBLE strategy shots in our Adventure Mode.
Download Critter Clash: Slingshot Battle for free
Free download Critter Clash: Slingshot Battle : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.critterclash.android.prod