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Denki Blocks! Deluxe (Tablet)

by Denki

“This is a game that demands pride of place on your phone.” – 9/10 Eurogamer

“It’s still simple, but bloody brilliant. You won’t play many better than Denki Blocks” – 5/5

“Denki Blocks truly succeeds as a puzzle game” – 4.5/5 FingerGaming

“Deep enough to hold your interest and keep you thinking long after most games would have been cleared out to make space for something newer” – 4/5 Square Go

– – – —

The multiple award-winning puzzler is back in a new sticky form!

Denki Blocks! is a puzzle game like no other. Slide sticky blocks around a board and join the same colours together to solve puzzles. BUT! There are two important twists that make this game so special:

1. All blocks not fixed or obstructed will slide.
2. Blocks of the same colour stick together when they touch.

– Over 100 beautiful puzzles to enjoy, each hand-crafted for maximum pleasure.
– Beat clever Master Challenges such as making shapes and besting move or time pars.
– Complete over 100 Master Challenges to earn Denki Stars and open up secret puzzles.
– Enjoy our delightful audio or listen to your own soundtrack.
– Solve the puzzles to reveal pretty pictures.

Please email us with questions or feedback.
Download Denki Blocks! Deluxe (Tablet) for free
Free download Denki Blocks! Deluxe (Tablet) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jakyl.denkiblocksdeluxexhd