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How to play?
The goal is to tap the dots of the current color indicated on the top of the screen. You have a limited amount of time to tap the next dot with increasing difficulty. 

You have 3 lives at the start of the game indicated by 3 hearts at the top ,Clicking a dot of the wrong colour makes you lose a life and also if you don’t manage to tap the next dot before the time ends also makes you lose a life. Once you lose all your 3 lives ,the next mistake will result in a game over.

Level is sub-divided into layers , each layer holds 3 dots of random colours, you can only click on the dots of the next layer than the one you are currently at.

Every Once in a while “Colour Bar” will be generated, tapping this layer will result in a switch of the current Colour.

Play and Beat the High-score.

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