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DRAGON REVOLT English Gameplay Android / iOS (Open World MMORPG) (CBT)

DRAGON REVOLT English Gameplay Android / iOS (Open World MMORPG) (CBT) Download Game

Dragon Revolt takes place in a classic time when knights defended the realm and emperors were housed in castles, where the brutal power of the sword is matched only by the mage’s staff. Across the vast continent
of Gellanpor, two factions are struggling to defeat each other in pursuit of total domination: the Lothelan Empire and the Ashitar Blood Alliance. The Empire governs the land with a strict legal code. Its subjects
are fiercely loyal, ready to defend their cities and faith with blades and blood at any time. The Blood Alliance, a battle-hardened resistance, is eager to liberate their homeland from the rule of the Empire.
Bringing together some of the most brutal and fearless renegades of the entire realm, they are ready to take back their honor and inflict revenge upon their imperial adversaries.

Dragon Revolt has some of the genre’s best-loved characteristics, notably the traditional warrior-mage-cleric class system. Dragon Revolt’s classes are divided into Warriors, Mages and Clerics, and each fills a
crucial role on the battlefield. Warriors are the core of a team, as they have high HP and can withstand high levels of damage . Mages don’t have the same level of strength as Warriors, but buttress their faction
by controlling the power of ice, fire and thunder, which they can channel into formidable ranged attacks. Clerics provide crucial support, using spells to help their teammates restore HP, as well as casting
powerful buffs to ensure their companions’ survival even on the cruelest battlefield.

Dragon Revolt’s dynamic gameplay has a variety of classic and unique features, including skills runes, the talent system, epic dungeon explorations and thrilling boss battles. In the world of Dragon Revolt,
players may choose four out of six skills and one rune out of two to form their personal skill set. This high-freedom skill system allows players to customize their skill sets, adding another dimension of strategy
to Dragon Revolt battles. The talent system gives players another avenue to customize their characters. Players can personalize their three-tier talents to shape their characters into truly unique fighters.
Whether one is an indestructible tank, a dedicated assist, or a invincible destroyer is a choice that lies solely with the player.


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Total Size : 900 Mb

Download DRAGON REVOLT English Gameplay Android / iOS (Open World MMORPG) (CBT)

DRAGON REVOLT English Gameplay Android / iOS (Open World MMORPG) (CBT) Free Download