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Drop The Ring

This game is a Digital version of the game water game what you played in childhood. A water contained box with colorful rings and some stationary pins. You press the rubber button and try to drop all the rings into pins. when you press button a water splash through ups the rings and you have to try to drop them into rings. sometimes the pins are stationary and sometimes they are moving. This is fully water physics based game with realistic graphics in 3D version. This is a retro underwater all time favorite juego de agua.

Q. What make this game Special?
To make this game interesting. We Added some animation to pins. they will move vertically, horizontally, cross and more. This Retro game contains five types of water container .the first one is ‘Circle box’ . it has two pins and one button to splash rings. the second one is ‘ Hollow Circle Box’. this contains also two pins buy it doesn’t have a wall. the third one is ‘Simple Guitar Box’ . it have two pins and two splash button. the fourth one is ‘Rock Guitar box’ . it is similar to simple guitar box. The final Fifth box is ‘TV’ . it have two pins and a floating game pad with two splash button. All five water container are awesome with fully physics enabled.

* 11 Colorful Rings.
* 9 Colorful Pins.
* 5 Water Container. such as circular, Hollow Circular, Simple Guitar, Rock Guitar and a TV.
* 4 type of Pin Animation which will make it little tough to drop rings in it.
* Revive Childhood memory
* Realistic Physics of rings under water
* All age people favorite game
* Realistic controls
* Amazing Water Effects and 3D Graphics
* Unlock your favorite rings, pins and water container boxesDownload Drop The Ring for free
Free download Drop The Ring : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DKPGames.DropTheRing