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A non-stereotypical high score action game with a great number of sounds,
enemies, animations and various ways as to how to get the highest possible
score. A player as the robot will benefit from the function of automatic moves
which are easily maneuverable as well as full of animations, and make the whole
process of moving very fluid.

The game contains

10 varied and well-developed levels. Each of them is unique since every level
contains certain kinds of enemies and numbers of items that could be found
there. When you enter a new level, the enemies will notice you. The more time
you will spend in their territory, the more furious they will become. A player has
to use their logical thinking skills to complete each level successfully and with
maximum score. If a player leaves a level too soon, the enemies of this particular
level will become so furious as to ask their allies for help much earlier which will
result in the loss of an extra life item and all the artefacts of this particuar level.

20 kinds of enemies who move at different pace and have different number of
lives as well as various abilities.

20 kinds of useful and quest items which will help you reach the highest possible score.Download Du-Fun for free
Free download Du-Fun : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.mandarinan.dufun