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Factory – challenging minimalistic arcade

One of the casual indie games and also one of challenging offline games.
Some levels look like a logic arcade or puzzle. Try hard and move to next phase in this free arcade game.

How to play: tap left or right to move character.

Game features:
□ insane real-time physics
□ over 50 levels
□ leftright easy controls
□ new experiences every level

You will never know for shure what hurts you and what saves.
Move left or right and beware of… everything!
Easy controls. Tricky levels. Hard to reach high score.

Find the exit from the factory.
Challenge your friends for the highest score.
Factory is logic, challenging arcade in on your pocket.Download Factory – challenging minimalistic arcade for free
Free download Factory – challenging minimalistic arcade : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.megakappaman.timekiller