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Fantasy Mosaics 32: Santa’s Hut

Our penguin family got an invitation to visit Santa’s hut for the holiday season!

Will they discover even more colors to enrich the mosaics palette?

Let’s take a journey across the snowy landscape to get inside Santa’s workshop and

find out what he has in store for the holidays!

– Pixel art puzzle challenges also known as picross, hanjie, nonograms, griddlers, paint by numbers.

– Explore new interactive locations

– Gameplay featuring secret colors

– New colorful mosaic puzzles

– Puzzles based on logicDownload Fantasy Mosaics 32: Santa’s Hut for free
Free download Fantasy Mosaics 32: Santa’s Hut : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.matchgems.fantasy_mosaics_32