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Frankenstein – RoomESC Adventure Game

‘Revenge will save you’

A genius scientist who wanted to revolutionize life science and contribute to developing mankind, Alphonse Frankenstein. But as the family got destroyed by the sabotage of the opposing party, his son Victor Frankenstein vowed to avenge his father…

◆ Game features
① Revival of a story type authentic adventure game
② A dynamic story that will make you feel like watching a movie
③ Space Navigation mode with a 360 degrees rotation
④ Over 50 mini games that will never make you bored
⑤ Free play without charge until the end.
⑥ Graphic of sentimental oil paint and a classy orchestra background music.
⑦ A variety of character costumes that can be changed to suit your taste.

Official SNS :https://www.facebook.com/Frankensteinescaperoom
Download Frankenstein – RoomESC Adventure Game for free
Free download Frankenstein – RoomESC Adventure Game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Puzzlespace.Frankenstein