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Galaxy Trader

Galaxy Trader is a relaxing, open world space RPG. You’ll enjoy it if you’re looking for a peaceful exploration game that focuses on cargo hauling and trading.

🌌 Features:
– Beautiful visuals and an immersive soundtrack
– 3 hand crafted solar systems to explore
– A massive, realistic scale: Millions of kilometers between planets
– Lively traders illustrated with original pixel art
– Flashy ships to buy and upgrade

🌟 You Should Know:
– No ads or IAPs
– Playtime is about 4 hours, but there’s plenty of endgame
– 100% peaceful: There are no baddies to worry aboutDownload Galaxy Trader for free
Free download Galaxy Trader : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hforsyth.galaxytrader