Idle Magic:Builder,Miner,Farmer at Click Away City

Dive into the secret country of magic! Evolve fairy farm to fairy city and magic township. Build mystery fairy town, a secret city of magic. Craft magic hay and become wizard or witch one day! Inhabit magic country with your favourite characters: wizards and witches, dragons and princesses, elves and goblins, fairies and dwarves! Create magical artifacts and help the characters with their adventures. Master magic and witchcraft creating your own story in a fairy town. Make friends with various magic creatures, wise wizards and naughty witches. The Princess of the Fairyland is enchanted, the citizens grieve and need your help! Where is the Prince who can wake up the sleeping beauty? Nobody but you can help the Prince to break the spell and save the fairy Princess. Download Game “Idle Magic:Builder,Miner,Farmer at Click Away City”

Farm and Click – Idle Fun Clicker

Do you like farm games? Now you can play a game that’s all about farming and fun! Download Game “Farm and Click – Idle Fun Clicker”

Lucid Dream Adventure – Story Point & Click Game

If you like mysterious adventure games and point and click games, you’ve come to the perfect place. Download Game “Lucid Dream Adventure – Story Point & Click Game”

Galaxy Merge – Idle & Click Tycoon PRO

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Tormentum – Dark Sorrow – a Mystery Point & Click

TORMENTUM is a dark fantasy Point and Click adventure game with plenty of puzzles and mini games. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other! Download Game “Tormentum – Dark Sorrow – a Mystery Point & Click”

Idle Monster: Happy Mansion in Click Away Village

Like the simple and interesting farm simulators, but want something new? Then Idle Monster Farm is just for you! This is one of the best farm simulators in the world! Build your own magic house of fun where zombie and monsters practice idle farming. Collect coins and diamonds to become a real farmer! Here, all the monsters are your best friends and your family! These are magic heroes of farm! Create the ideal farming empire! Zombie flowers blossom every day on this magic horror land and witches create their own garden design. Build your city together with the monster league! This is a great garden game about castleville legends which you can play with your friends! Cute funny plants are a part of horror ghost world, but still they are not creepy! Monster characters help you to get coins and diamonds on a huge harvest land! Download Game “Idle Monster: Happy Mansion in Click Away Village”

Merge Battle Plane – Idle & Click Tycoon PRO

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Hill Click Plus

Full description: A legendary game with a monkey got to your phone. Install and have a great time! Download Game “Hill Click Plus”

Color Click

Get incredible pleasure from using the application. Play whenever you want and improve your skill. Become a master of the game with our application!Download Color Click for free
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Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon

Merge & Develope Your Airline! Download Game “Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon”