Mega Craft: Expansion World 3D

★★★★★ FREE Crafting and Building Game ★★★★★ Download Game “Mega Craft: Expansion World 3D”

Loco Craft Survival Exploration 2019

Loco Craft Exploration offers you a limitless and endless paradise that you can enjoy everyday. you are offered a lot of different items in your inventory to build separate blocks including rooms, yards, gardens, houses, and even places where animals can stay. Download Game “Loco Craft Survival Exploration 2019”

Brazil Craft: Blocky City Building Addicting Games

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro! City of carnival, crazy parties and addicting games like football. Enjoy the newest crafting & building mode and choose top fun games for free! Play Brazil Craft! Download Game “Brazil Craft: Blocky City Building Addicting Games”

Cute Baby Girl Skins Craft

Get the best Baby Girl Skins in 3D for craft pocket edition PE (CRAFT)! We selected the most popular and unique baby girl skins for craft especially for you. You just need to download and install baby girl skin in your phone. Not so difficult, right? You can not worry, because popular skins work in all versions of craft pocket edition. Download Game “Cute Baby Girl Skins Craft”

Craft your dragon mod

Craft your dragon mod allows you to create your own dragon! It has now become possible to become a dragon rider. Moreover, you can still choose one of several types of them, each of which is beautiful in its own way. Craft your unique flying friend. Be careful, not all of them will be happy to see you, because there are still wild dragons that can eat you! In addition, by defeating the wild dragon, you will receive a reward – egg, protecting which you will become the owner of another, new of them, but be careful, it is still small and defenseless! Having overcome all difficulties, he will become your best friend. Successful adventures! Download Game “Craft your dragon mod”

Snowboard Craft: Freeski, Sled Simulator Games 3D

Winter sports in crafting & building world? Why not! If you love winter x games and want to build a city or ride a snowmobile, snowboard than it’s the best snow game for you! Become the snowboard or ski racer and perform extreme stunts! You can also enjoy crafting & building mode to prepare snowboard party! Play the best snow games for girls and boys – PLAY Snowboard Craft FOR FREE! Download Game “Snowboard Craft: Freeski, Sled Simulator Games 3D”

Block Craft World 3D

Block Craft World – new bulding and crafting simulator. Build houses, craft block & resources, exploration endless biomes, fight mobs and monsters, do farming, fishing, hunting. Build big cities with skyscrapers and villages in Creative mode and complete quests in Story mode. Create a unique transport, fly on airplanes and swim on the ships! Take care of pets, make friends and much more awaits you inside the game! Download Game “Block Craft World 3D”

Stickman: Jailbreak Craft

You will play the character Stickman, who was imprisoned. Your mission is to find 2 successful ways to escape from prison using crafting. Craft will wait at every turn to avoid becoming a victim of guards and monsters. In the prison cell you will have a chest, which will contain the necessary items for crafting. Use different blocks, weapons to make a successful jailbreak. Character Stick is in prison and dreams of escaping. Among the monsters you will see zombies and many other characters. You will also see various weapons, among them there will be a sword, a pickaxe and another. The game will meet various knife switches, portals, with the help of which you can teleport. You will have to work with different blocks to build a solid bridge and pass it. Stickman jailbreak is waiting for you! Prison the escape will cheer you up. Download Game “Stickman: Jailbreak Craft”

Loco Craft Survival and Crafting

In round the bend Loco Craft Survival and Crafting we’ve got given four maps in innovative mode and survival mode, you’ll be able to utilize it charmingly, additionally to the building you wish or end existing structures with furnishings or enrich with existing plants with traditional assets that you simply have. during this check system diversion in round the bend Loco Craft Survival and Crafting in survival mode you’ll be able to address your problems by chasing goats, cows or ducks or planting plants to eat, creating your own prosperity, you’ll be able to carry on utilizing a solitary consumer or multiuser along with your companions , assemble pretty structures along with your multiuser companions with squares and things. This amusement as of currently has 16×16 surfaces, includes all squares, things, all crowds, day and an evening. Models during this pack to boot includes ‘associating surface faces’, this makes all surfaces of all appearances of a model interface systematically with its neighboring countenances, creating associate degree eye-satisfying current interaction encounter. Work with squares and merchandise.Download Loco Craft Survival and Crafting for free
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Mine Build Craft Survival | Blocky Craft

Features: Download Game “Mine Build Craft Survival | Blocky Craft”