Galaxy Wars – Space Shooter

The Alien is coming for us and our Earth is in danger. Ready your squadron, choose your air fighter, equip powerful weapon and shoot’ em up in this amazing arcade action game! Download Game “Galaxy Wars – Space Shooter”

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run: Fight Aliens to Defend Earth!

Power up and hop into BoBoiBoy, the free endless run game based on the popular kids show full of adventure, addicting fun, and a stunning galaxy of adventure for you to rush your way through. Download Game “BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run: Fight Aliens to Defend Earth!”

Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy presents a vast open sci-fi world combining RPG and SLG elements and consisting of 4,961 galaxies, each filled with all manner of cosmic dust, dark matter, wormholes, space stations, and other celestial bodies and artificial space facilities. In the process of exploring the game, you can command all kinds of space ships and align with like-minded allies to form corporations to amass scarce resources throughout the universe. You can also compete with other players’ corporations and engage in dynamic free trade with players across all galaxies. True freedom awaits you in the endless expanse of space! Download Game “Second Galaxy”

Battle for the Galaxy LE

Who will win this epic war to determine the fate of the galaxy? Take control of your forces, build bases and fight for your very survival in this real-time military strategy game. Download Game “Battle for the Galaxy LE”

Hero Galaxy – Space Wars Premium: Alien Defender

HERO GALAXY – Space Wars Premium offers you: Download Game “Hero Galaxy – Space Wars Premium: Alien Defender”

Picross galaxy 2 – Knowledge

※ Logically Resolvable Puzzles (verification test completed puzzles) Download Game “Picross galaxy 2 – Knowledge”

Galaxy Shooter – Falcon Squad

In a near future, human conquered all planets in the Solar System, thus became the mightiest race in the Galaxy. Sensing the potential threat, all other races rallied their armed forces, bending on destroying the human race. Download Game “Galaxy Shooter – Falcon Squad”

Galaxy sky shooting

Galaxy sky shooting is the best sky airplane shooting game! Download Game “Galaxy sky shooting”

Bubble Heroes Galaxy

Join the bubble shooter superstar league and fight to defend the galaxy! If you love space shooting games and can’t get enough of fun brain teasers, PLAY for FREE the best bubbles game and get ready for hours of endless fun! Download Game “Bubble Heroes Galaxy”

Galaxy Merge – Idle & Click Tycoon PRO

!!! PRO version is without interstitial ads !!! Download Game “Galaxy Merge – Idle & Click Tycoon PRO”