Merge Zombie: idle RPG

When a zombie is paired with another zombie, it merges into an even stronger zombie! Download Game “Merge Zombie: idle RPG”

Idle Miner Tycoon: Mine & Money Clicker Management

Have you ever wondered how to be an effective mine manager millionaire? Become a mine tycoon by managing your factory and earn money to become rich in this idle tycoon simulator game! Download Game “Idle Miner Tycoon: Mine & Money Clicker Management”

Idle Sports City Tycoon Game: Build a Sport Empire

If you like money games you will love this idle game! Idle Sports City is a simulation game that mixes sports management with money investment to gain profit and become a rich capitalist. Become a millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire, the richest sports entrepreneur ever! Download Game “Idle Sports City Tycoon Game: Build a Sport Empire”

Idle Frontier: Tap Town Tycoon

Tap to explore new towns, build your empire & settle the idle frontier! Now with less dysentery! Download Game “Idle Frontier: Tap Town Tycoon”

Idle Light City

Welcome to Idle Light City – a brand new clicker game! The entire city is in darkness and needs your help to light it up. Run the lightbulb factory and produce as many lightbulbs as you can, unlock new buildings and light them up to earn money. Download Game “Idle Light City”

Dragon Idle Adventure

Write your own story in a magic land of dragons, fantasy, and adventure in Dragon Idle Adventure! Download Game “Dragon Idle Adventure”

Merge Battle Car: Best Idle Clicker Tycoon game

Play the best merge game: Merge Battle Cars. Have you ever wanted to own garage full of battle cars? You have this opportunity in our new car merger. Download Game “Merge Battle Car: Best Idle Clicker Tycoon game”

Golden Farm : Idle Farming & Adventure Game

This is not just a funky farming game, it is definitely a MUST PLAY of this year. If you ever dreamed to escape everyday routine and spend some idle time at a farm in a quiet town or village – this farm life simulator is for you. Download Game “Golden Farm : Idle Farming & Adventure Game”

Brave Dungeon: Roguelite IDLE RPG

IDLE TIME IN BRAVE DUNGEON! Download Game “Brave Dungeon: Roguelite IDLE RPG”

Summoners Era: Idle War of Heroes – AFK and Chill

From an apprentice to the one who can save the world – join millions of Summoners around the world and begin your own journey as the Messenger of Goddess, leading the world to its peace. Download Game “Summoners Era: Idle War of Heroes – AFK and Chill”