Fantasy patrol: Adventures

From the makers of the animated cartoon series Fantasy Patrol comes an exciting new game. It’s time to do battle with mystical creatures, overcome magical traps,and collect your well-deserved rewards. Download Game “Fantasy patrol: Adventures”

PAW Patrol: Air & Sea

Pups Take Flight is now PAW Patrol Air and Sea Adventures! Kids take to the sky and sea with the PAW Patrol pups in a game featuring the Air and Sea Patrollers and the team’s new flight suits! The PAW Patrol Air and Sea Adventures app teaches children pre-k math skills with the help of their PAWsome pup heroes from the Nick Jr. TV show! Download Game “PAW Patrol: Air & Sea”

Paw Puppy Patrol Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Paw puppy patrol Jigsaw Puzzle game is an interesting puzzle game. Solving puzzles you can learn more about the rescue team paw patrol. The main feature is that you need to rotate each element around its axis to select the correct position. In the game you meet a clever young Ryder, Marshall, Burly, Potter, rocky, Zuma, sky, captain halibut, Everest, Tracker, Robo-dog. Puppy Patrol puzzle game for kids, but adults will love it, you only have to try, and you will not notice how time flies. Download Game “Paw Puppy Patrol Jigsaw Puzzle Game”

PAW Patrol: GO

Get ready for a new adventure with PAW patrol! So, how it all began? One sunny summer day, Chase patrolled in the park and suddenly heard some noise from the thicket. He immediately set off to find out what was happening. He learned that a hurdle race competition was taking place there. Chase got a call from Ryder, who told him that someone was about to commit a crime at the competition related to some missing gold coins. So it was necessary to keep an eye on the participants and find all coins. Chase called Marshall and Skye and asked them to come, but the puppies said they would arrive only in 30 minutes. Meanwhile the competition was about to start. So Chase decided that the best way to keep an eye on the participants was to become a participant himself. Download Game “PAW Patrol: GO”