Road to Valor: World War II

Dive into the battlefield of World War II! General, give us an order! Download Game “Road to Valor: World War II”

Snot & Fluff – Kids Story Book: Learn to Read

Mum, Dad, can I watch a movie? – how often do we hear these requests. This is where “Snot and Fluff – a Space Adventure” will speed to the rescue. This is an interactive story book with features of an adventure game for children aged 4 to 10. Download Game “Snot & Fluff – Kids Story Book: Learn to Read”

Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth

Run! Dash! Jump! Download Game “Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth”

Gymnastics Superstar – Spin your way to gold!

All your hard work has finally paid off – you’ve made it to the Olympics! Now’s your chance to dress up in dazzling aerobic gymnast leotards and represent your country with pride! Work on your amazing gymnast moves until they’re ready for the Olympics. Practice makes perfect! Compete your way to that shiny GOLD medal! Keep your eye on the prize! Download Game “Gymnastics Superstar – Spin your way to gold!”

Learn to Draw Glow Cartoon

😋We have the easy drawing tutorial for everyone. Learn how to draw cartoon & anime step by step. Download Game “Learn to Draw Glow Cartoon”

Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle

Reading made easy! Download Game “Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle”

Jewels of Rome: Match gems to restore the city

Travel back in time to Ancient Rome in Jewels of Rome™! A struggling settlement in a remote but beautiful corner of the Roman Empire needs your help to be restored to its former glory. Play hundreds of match-3 levels, meet charismatic characters, follow the suspenseful storyline and build this close-knit village into a sprawling Roman city! Download Game “Jewels of Rome: Match gems to restore the city”

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run: Fight Aliens to Defend Earth!

Power up and hop into BoBoiBoy, the free endless run game based on the popular kids show full of adventure, addicting fun, and a stunning galaxy of adventure for you to rush your way through. Download Game “BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run: Fight Aliens to Defend Earth!”

Left to Survive: Zombie PvP Shooter

Grab your guns and bring your guts to survive the ultimate action-shooter game, Left to Survive. Download Game “Left to Survive: Zombie PvP Shooter”

Fluffy Fall: Fly Fast to Dodge the Danger!

Dash headlong into an astonishingly fun (and incredibly cute) 3D endless-run adventure! Take on level after level as you fly your cuddly Fluffy through danger with just a finger. Dodge a blaze, snake around ice, go rolling past lasers and escape other crazy hazards that block your way. Download Game “Fluffy Fall: Fly Fast to Dodge the Danger!”