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GranAgeM Android Gameplay (KR)

GranAgeM Android Gameplay (KR) Download Game

The ultimate 2D side-scrolling action game!
Otto is not the real action RPG !! GRANDAgeM

◆ explosive core of the action! Arts Soul!
– The unique skills and abilities of the various arts Soul Card with a more than 30!
– Soul City Arts trigger up to five cards with colorful characters enemy skill!
– Soul Arts exert a variety of effects depending on the resistance characteristics monster!

◆ exquisite combination of action and adventure RPG!
– Rapid spectacular action and an exquisite combination of various types map to explore

◆ various characters that make fun of a variety of training!
The character of the 10 species showing different personalities and skills in a variety of attacking motion!
– Soul Arts dahyang a possible attack patterns over the collection!

◆ the dungeons and battle arena of explosive action!
– Sometimes alone! Sometimes, like! Various dungeons that fun to defeat the various monsters and bosses!
– One optimized for mobile to enjoy the real time: 1 PVP / 3: 3 Team battlefield!

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Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Download GranAgeM Android Gameplay (KR)

GranAgeM Android Gameplay (KR) Free Download