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Granny 2019 Guide (Unofficial)

-No copyright infringement is intended
-This is a guide not the game

Packed with a full guide to help those that are stuck.
We also have a list of items and where to find them.
Garage/car & Yard area included with the guide.

-Full guide
-Updated to recent V1.7
-Item Spawning list
-Easy way to beat the game

In Granny 2019 Guide : Horror Game, your task is solve puzzles and escape the horror house before encountering a very scared Granny with a hammer in hand

You have 5 days to take you out of the house, so the task is not easy. You will have to use all the tools that you have at your hand to complete the puzzle and unlock doors finding the key hidden somewhere in structure that will help you get out of here.

High quality scary music
Live in the horrific horror stories and feel the scream sounds

Scary Granny 2019 Guide – The Horror Game 2019 Features:

– Smooth and Easy Controls
– Scary sound
– Fearful atmosphere with realistic graphics
– Scary game 2019
– 3D graphics
– Horror and interesting game levels
– Amazing environments
– Horror game 2019
– Live in the horrific horror stories and feel the scream sounds
– Scary neighbor house
– Horror sound
– Smooth and Easy Controls

Items in Granny Game;

Winch Handle
Spark Plug(New!)
Cutting Plier
Keys; Master Key, Playhouse Key, Padlock Key, Weapon Key, Safe Key, Car Key, Special Key(New!)
Gasoline Can(New!)
Painting Pieces
Car Engine(New!)
Car Battery(New!)
Meat Piece For Spider(New!)

Remember The 15 Important Items

-Padlock Key
-Winch Handle
-Master Key
-Car Key
-Alarm Code
-Cog Wheel
-Safe Key
Download Granny 2019 Guide (Unofficial) for free
Free download Granny 2019 Guide (Unofficial) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grnygame.howtouse