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happy ride – wheels master

Play happy wheels – race your way through dangerous challenging paths and deadly obstacles courses to reach the finish safely with several player characters as a pogo stick hopper, a wheelchair man, a father-son bike riding and more.
Happy wheels game or happy ride – wheels master is a ragdoll physics based action game where you use your skill to manoeuvre trough every bloody level.
Go nuts, choose your favourite vehicle and take control of your happy stuntman character to overcome deadly paths.
Happy wheels might be more difficult than you think, your goal is to go far across each level as fast as you can, find a way to the exit alive and finishing all the maps without getting hurt.
Ride happy, master your wheels and do your best to survive in this glory game of happy ride – wheels master.
It takes much patience to stay alive and a lot of blood and guts.
Download happy ride – wheels master for free
Free download happy ride – wheels master : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.happystunt.master.wheels