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Hat Simulator 2 – TF2 Trade Parody

Welcome to Hat Simulator 2 – game, where your trading dreams become true

There is 2 versions, free and premium. Premium will has more content and updates, also it supports my work

It’s fan parody of TF2
And you really can do trades like in this game.

Wait for items on IDLE gamemode, Trade it on TRADE PLAZA, craft items, open crates and just have fun in my app.

It really nice, and it costs money to make my work more meaningful.
I’ll not give too much. Just for good developing. Because I’m a fan and I work on pure enthusiasm.

Some craft tips:
1 scrap – 3 weps
1 hat – 3 refs
1 hat restored -3 hats

To open Crate put in crafting box 2 crates and 1 key like this:
Crate + Crate + Key -only like that

More over About traders:
Some traders can gift you items, some will give you overprice…
Explore it.

Hat Simulator 2 will get changes and bug fixes, just write about it in commentary.Download Hat Simulator 2 – TF2 Trade Parody for free
Free download Hat Simulator 2 – TF2 Trade Parody : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HatSimulator2