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Hungry Monsters! Android Gameplay

Hungry Monsters! Android Gameplay Download Game

To eat or to be eaten, that is the question. Welcome to the world of Hungry Monsters!
Hungry Monsters! is an ultra fun casual game allowing players all over the world to play with or against others in real time.Here you will beone of the monsters that are eager to survive.Remember, the weak to meat and the strong do eat! You are now surrounded by HUNGRY MONSTERS! Be the survivor and rank top on the Leaderboards!
★Use the joystick to move your monster and grow bigger by eating food around you – candies, meat and ham!
★The law of jungle works everywhere including in hungry monsters’ world: eat smaller monsters to win game points!
★No monster should ever give up! Don’t be frustrated if your monster is rather small! Pick up special items on the ground, and use them on yourself or on your enemies to turn around the game!
★Don‘t forget to make use of special landforms! Lure other monsters into traps, and… watch out for the traps for yourself!
★ Be careful even if you are an extremely big monster! Remember, smaller monsters move faster, and once you die, you will have to start over from a baby monster!
★You can choose a 3-minute quick game with other 3 players, or a 5-minute game with other 5 players on a larger map! A 3v3 team game mode is also available! Battle with your friends as hungry monsters!
Players All Over the World
Hungry Monsters! is accessible to players all over the world. You are competing with strangers, your neighbors, your friends, perhaps your teachers and your boss! What…? Will my boss set me a trap?
Free to Play
Hungry Monsters! is a free online multiplayer game! Feel free to play it anywhere anytime as long as you have an internet connection!


Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Download Hungry Monsters! Android Gameplay

Hungry Monsters! Android Gameplay Free Download