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IMAGEine Premium

Use one of the 200+ included images or add 600+ of your own images/photos.

Nine different puzzle games in one – combined with custom images make this the only puzzle game you really need.

– Following classic games are included: Jigsaw puzzle, Memory and Fifteen/Eight puzzle.
– Following original games are included: “Circles”, “Swap”, “Slider”, “Discs”, “Segtor” and “Blocks”.
– Each game has multiple difficulty settings suitable for small children to players who like solving very challenging puzzles.
– Each game can be played with any of the included or custom pictures.
– A typical game on the easiest difficulty will take less than a minute to complete while some of the hardest puzzles can take hours.

IMAGEine – If you can imagine it – you can play it!
Download IMAGEine Premium for free
Free download IMAGEine Premium : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.rx.imageine.premium