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Island King

Luna and two adventurers returned to Luna’s tribe only to find the tribe had been attacked. Her family had been taken! Luna decided to enlist the help of her two friends and search for her missing family members.

【Why play Island King?】
*Free-To-Play & Play with Others*
Join for free with players from around the world. Share the fun with your family and friends. Build a royal tribe and win trophies!

*Spin & Win*
Spin to grab coins in this free slot game. Attack & Steal from enemies and defend your own islands! Rally your friends to defend against the invaders! Good Luck!

*Expand Your Royal Empire*
Exotic Italy, Ancient Greece, Piggy Piggy, Love Angel, and many other unique islands await you. Compete with friends and conquer your enemies, you are the island master!

*Compete with Others*
Attack Master, Building Master, Slingshot, Chief Recruitment and many other exciting events are open NOW! Unlimited chances to win!

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Any problems or feedback, please contact IslandKing@forevernine.com. Good Luck!
Download Island King for free
Free download Island King : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aladinfun.islandking.android