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Jewels Go

‘Jewel Go’ (from Go7Game) is an addictive and exciting Match 3 Puzzle. In this game, there is a world-unique legendary wand design. By using the legendary wand, you can release the spell, therefore you can quickly destroy all the jewels and obstacles, which will give you instant great happiness.

In this jewels game, the level is very elaborate, with treasure levels scattered around the map. After your succeed the challenge, you will have the opportunity to open a super treasure chest and which will make you a super winner in the jewel world.

Next, please accept the invitation of the witch Lily. She needs you to help her collect the naughty elf. The addictive and exciting adventure in the ‘Jewel Go’ Match 3 Puzzle is waiting for you!

★ After arranging 3 or more stones in a straight line, then you can smash them.
★ If you match 4 jewels in a line, you can create a straight jewel. A straight jewel can smash all the jewels in a row or column.
★ If you match 5 jewels in T or L shape, you can form a bomb jewel. A bomb jewel can smash all the jewels around it.
★ If you match 5 jewels on a line, you can create a windmill jewel. Windmill jewelstones can smash all the jewels it selects.
★ If you combine 2 special stones together, you can create a variety of wonderful effects to help you pass the level.
★ After removing each special jewels, you can recharge your wand to get the Jewels Magic Wand. Wand jewels can destroy everything according to your will.
★ As long as you eliminate all the obstacles in the level and reach your goal, you can keep moving forward in the level.

★ Legendary wand. It will destroy all the jewels and obstacles according to your will.
★ Rich mode. There are three different Match 3 puzzle modes.
★ Treasure checkpoint. Complete the time-limited challenge to open the Super Treasure Chest.
★ Free gift. Offer a surprise gift every day.
★ Collecting stars. After the past the level perfectly, you will receive rich rewards.
★ Simple and fun. It is full of challenges while relaxing and having fun.

★Easy to control, fun to play and have beautiful frames!
★ Only need one finger to swap and match!

★ It’s a free game, that you can play it offline anytime.

‘Jewel Go’ Match 3 PUZZLE GAMES is the classic Match 3 Puzzle in Google Play. It is unique, simple and fun, but full of challenges. After completing the level challenge, you will receive the Witch Star. The Witch Star can be used to collect the treasures that the witch Lily has prepared for you.

This is the most suitable Jewel Match 3 Puzzle for you. It’s completely free, but some in-game items, such as buying extra steps and super items are not free.

If you have any questions, please contact us: jewelgo@go7game.com
Download Jewels Go for free
Free download Jewels Go : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.go7game.jewelwitch