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Laws of Civilization

Laws of Civilization is a turn-based political simulator. Enter parliament and make use of democracy to approve important laws and rank among first countries in the world.

◉ Choose a party, promise actions to citizens and run for elections
◉ Approve or abolish laws with parliamentary votes
◉ Take care of lawmaker’s experience, popularity and loyalty
◉ Corrupt concurrent politicians in order to win majority
◉ Build up relations with other parties and elect the president

PREMIUM edition includes:
★ 11 playable nations such as the US, Russia, or South Korea
★ Over 100 ordinary and constitutional laws
★ Additional features like assassinations and money laundering
★ 37 science advances
★ no advertisement

www.somniumsoft.comDownload Laws of Civilization for free
Free download Laws of Civilization : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DamianBernardi.LawsofCivilization