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LePx is not an ordinary coloring game, use building blocks to build the drawing!

Enjoy building blocks on your Tablet or Mobile device simply with your imagination.

Relax, build and color matching the drawing! Designed for adults but also applicable for children!

Spend only 5 minutes to complete a play to practice your brain.

Enjoy the game with building blocks come with different shape and amazing effects, and easy to play.

❖ Features:
✓ Use suitable building blocks to build the drawing in the same color and shape.
✓ The larger size of the building block, the lower unit price it is.
✓ Only one goal:Try to use those larger size building blocks!

Download it for free now and new features will be updated!
Download LePx for free
Free download LePx : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.metalstein.pixelartgame