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Lucy the Dog – Part 2

Continuation of the game about the girl, who again lost her dog Lucy. This time the dog has already grown and left the house for a walk on its own. One unfortunate day, the girl let her dog go for a walk, it took several hours; Lucy’s dog still hadn’t come home. There was a GPS collar on the dog, without any problems the girl determined the location of the dog. It was an old house where Lucy’s dog was lost. Your task is to find and save the dog. On your way there will be puzzles and monsters that will protect the house from uninvited guests. Open all the rooms and doors. Solve all riddles and destroy all monsters. Beautiful graphics and an unexpected plot with a climax will lift your spirits. Find the dog, escape the house!
Download Lucy the Dog – Part 2 for free
Free download Lucy the Dog – Part 2 : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.ltdp