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Metal Fist: Urban Domination Gameplay Android / iOS

Metal Fist: Urban Domination Gameplay Android / iOS Download Game

Dominate your urban playground in Metal Fist – a multiplayer arena fighting game.

Smash your opponents, throw explosive barrels, electrocute them, set them on fire. Take their precious energy and ENERGIZE yourself!
Collect unique items, level up your game and win big! Use that gear to put the odds in your favor – every time you raise your energy level, you activate a special ability granted by an item you’re wearing.
If you opponent thinks they’re tougher than you – gather up some goons and prove them wrong! Steal their precious energy while your minions keep them busy!


Fight for urban domination in real-time PVP multiplayer! Beat up your friends and family! Or a complete stranger with an advanced matchmaking system! All of this so you can show everyone who’s the boss. And once you’re the boss, remember to show it – winning grands coins, needed to unlocking epic skins for your characters!

„The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo” ~Desmond Morris. „The city is not a human zoo, it’s a death trap made of flames, electricity and speeding cars and trains” ~Metal Fist team. That being said, sometimes your opponent will be the least of your worries – in your quest to ENERGIZE you’ll have to dodge incoming traffic, speeding subway cars and leaking gas pipes, that someone decided would be a great idea to smoke right next to.

Get ready for some eye-popping experience! Unique art style and cutting-edge visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology certainly delivers! You know what they say. Cool guys don’t look at explosions. But our explosions are so awesome, that cool guys take pictures of them and then replace with them those boring family photos that clutter their cool desks.

Our controls are touchest and swipest of them all – you’ll be able to perform the most epic of combos seamlessly. You’ll be like „OMG how did I just do it, that was AWESOME!” and we’ll be like „Just the best touch controls seen in a fighting game, no big deal”. More than that, it’s exclusively for mobile devices, so be more than absolutely sure that the touch-based control system works like a charm.

Collect and craft your power-ups to customize your characters and play style, so when you ENERGIZE, they will know you mean business. Be whoever you want, do whatever you want to! But hey, we can’t tell you what to do. No one can!


App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/metal…
Play Store: Coming soon

Download Metal Fist: Urban Domination Gameplay Android / iOS

Metal Fist: Urban Domination Gameplay Android / iOS Free Download