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MMX HILL CLIMB DASH Offroad Racing The Beast

MMX HILL CLIMB DASH Offroad Racing The Beast for Free

MMX HILL CLIMB DASH Offroad Racing The Racer Gameplay Android / iOS

Floor is LAVA!
– Have a blast playing four brand new volcano levels.
– Explore alternate routes to unlock the best times!
– And what better truck to take on this challenge than “THE BEAST”?! A Weapon of Ash Destruction!

We want to say thanks.
With over 16 million downloads and 630 million miles of track travelled, our players have given the game a huge thumbs up.
We are thrilled to continue supporting the game with new content and updates.

In addition to updating the game, we also upgraded the name. Our levels are designed to be action-packed and rapid. There are as many downhills as uphills, and speed plays a much bigger role than endurance. So with this in mind, we hired a brand consultancy, spent the weekend in a remote yurt and came up with the name… ‘MMX Consignia Starburst’. However, after sobering up and firing the consultants, we decided to go with the name ‘MMX Hill Dash’ instead!

We think the new name really fits with what the game is all about: Fast, crazy and addictive FUN.

So grab your keys, buckle up and start owning the MMX Hill Dash leaderboard.

The most crazy, addictive & FUN physics based racing game ever made.

– Upgrade your truck and own the leaderboard.
– Race your friends & let them know who’s the best.
– Loads of courses and vehicles including the Big Rig, the Tank and the Muscle Classic

MMX Hill Dash is the explosive follow up to massively successful MMX Racing. Download and play today.

iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mmx-h…
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Download MMX HILL CLIMB DASH Offroad Racing The Beast