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Moshpit – Heavy Metal is war

A hyper realistic moshpit simulator.

Flying bodies and testosterone fills the screen in this aggressive dancing game. Mosh for your life to Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Punk Rock, Black Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore, and more. Be the last man standing at every show, and prepare to meet some big gnarly bosses.

The game is physics based with lots of ragdoll mechanics. This makes everything random and give all enemies their own life. it`s stupid, fun and brutally satisfying.

Wear the wounds like a badge of pride!

32 levels
+ 3 bonus levels
Boss fights
Awesome soundtrack
Funny ragdoll physics
No in app purchase

Note: This is a game. Do not be an idiot in the moshpit. Help your fellow man (or woman) up when they fall down, don’t step on people and don’t punch people in the face.

Keep supporting Metal!Download Moshpit – Heavy Metal is war for free
Free download Moshpit – Heavy Metal is war : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sinsquid.moshpit