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Novenia Android Gameplay

Novenia Android Gameplay Download Game

***First combination of Japanese fantasy adventure and magic beads puzzle
***Most popular CV (Sugiyama Noriaki, Kakihara Tetsuya, Horie Yui, Sakura Ayane…)

Novenia starts a magic beads adventure for you!
It creates a brand-new mode of match puzzle with the perfect combination of multiple classic elements of RPG and puzzle games. The lovely and pure Japanese anime style as well as the most familiar character voice will conjure up your good memories of childhood and bring you the unique immersive experience. And the new match gameplay is easy to master. Challenge the higher combo. Try more creative match ways. Its matchless fun and endless replayability make it an impressive puzzle action game.

**New Casual Mode: Orbs War**
Match orbs of the same color as many as possible with one line to trigger the combo! The more orbs you match, the higher combo you get! The amazing special effects and impressive match adventure create an unprecedented strategy and puzzle game experience for you.

**Card Collection of Manga-style Heroes**
Hundreds of delicate heroes are on your service! You can enhance, awake, upgrade and cultivate your exclusive perfect battle team.

**Shocking Battles in 3D Scenes**
Novenia presents 3D multi-angle battle scenes and takes you to the anime world. The intense battle gives you a feeling of actually being there.

**New RPG With Changeable Strategy**
Match the orbs to start the anime battle. Defeat the monsters from the void with the power of elements! The exclusive skills and various strategy are all at your service.

**Cool Skills Cause Hot Battle**
Fight with the coolest skills. The shining special effects cause a hottest battle for you! Experience the cool feel of eliminating the enemies with one single smash!

**Elf Guardian: Breakthrough of Power**
The creative elf guardian system promotes the potential of class greatly. It leads to a breakout of your team force. Being stronger is the pursuit of the true heroes that never fade!

**Popular CV Stars: Fair-sounding Adventure**
Top Japanese CV stars present a splendid audio feast for you! Conjure up your good memories of the long past days and make your adventure more vivid and exciting.

**Ultimate Strategy: Build the Strongest Battle Team**
Different team deployments, different battle experiences. Each hero has his/her own exclusive skill. How to form a strongest team? It’s all up to you!

**Perfect Alliance: Adventure Hand in Hand**
Best friends shall advance together. Wipe out all difficulties and challenge the mysterious dungeons with your friends together!

**Real-time Chat: Friendship Online**
Chat with your friends any time you like! Commander the battle in real time! And invite your buddy to fight in one battle!


Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Total Size : 408 MB
Online/Offline? : Online

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