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One Stroke Drawing

It’s a great mind challenging game with simple rules, Just try to connect all the dots with only one touch. Make the smart move to cover all the dots. Connect the dots without lifting your finger from the screen.

It is a good way to test your intelligence and logic skills. A couple of minutes each day will improve your brain abilities and test your IQ with qualitative and analytical scales.

★ Draw given fingers with only one stroke.
★ Connect all the points with just one line.
★ You cannot draw twice the same line.
★ When you get stuck, make use of a hint.
★ In case you find yourself stuck and without any idea to use HINTS!

There are addictive levels in the game, but remember each level is challenging as the last one.

Only a few players can complete the quests in this game. Can you pass it and solve the puzzle? Let’s try it now!Download One Stroke Drawing for free
Free download One Stroke Drawing : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.one.stroke.drawing.connect.nature