Smartphone Tycoon

Welcome to Smartphone Tycoon! In this business simulator you can create your own smartphone company. Issue bestsellers and explore new technologies to expand your business and reinvent new smartphones. Become a market leader and get fans around the world.Download Smartphone Tycoon for free
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Space Shooter : AsaP Bullet Hell white

[note: this is the same game as other Space Shooter : AsaP Bullet Hell the different is this is using WHITE TYPE space ships with different abilities from the other space ships ] Download Game “Space Shooter : AsaP Bullet Hell white”

(sponsor) BANATOON: Treasure hunt!

★ Benefit ★ Download Game “(sponsor) BANATOON: Treasure hunt!”

Zombie GO – A Horror Puzzle Game

⚠️Use your intelligence to run away from zombies.⚠️ Download Game “Zombie GO – A Horror Puzzle Game”

Star Traders: Frontiers

You are the captain of a starship venturing through a massive open universe. Customize your crew and take command at the helm of your very own ship as you explore a galaxy torn apart by internal strife, alien threats, and political intrigue. Download Game “Star Traders: Frontiers”

Round jump – jump around the world

How to play Download Game “Round jump – jump around the world”

Lily’s Garden

Get your hands dirty in Lily’s Garden, our new FREE puzzle game! Help Lily restore her great-aunt’s garden to its former glory and rediscover her roots. Dig into a story full of twists and turns as Lily interacts with a cast of colorful characters. Plant the seed of romance with her handsome neighbor Luke, and keep her rake of an ex-boyfriend Blaine off her turf. Match and collect flowers in hundreds of unique puzzle levels to earn stars and grow your garden! Download Game “Lily’s Garden”

Scary Granny Mods – Horror House Escape

This is Granny Mods, where all of the scary granny mods are on mobile. In this scary game, you get the option to mod your way around a scary granny in a scary house. Spawn and collect many different items everywhere. Multiple maps to choose from in the game play. Download Game “Scary Granny Mods – Horror House Escape”

Sniper 3D – 2019

Sinper 3D – 2019 – Play as expert gunner take position in city rooftop, take position to eliminate in the city. Play it for free and challenge you friends to show their shooting and spotting skills like you. Snipe your way to finish all your tasks in this 3d shooter simulation Sniper 2019. Download Game “Sniper 3D – 2019”

Ground Driller

Mine diverse gems and minerals with a powerful excavator and cute miners. Download Game “Ground Driller”