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Parasite 2

Are you a doctor? A medical student? A pharmacist? A microbiologist?
This is the game you were waiting for.
The parasites infect millions of people every year, so it’s important to be familiar of how to deal with them. Furthermore, here you even will play by them 🙂
This is a series of games for you. Educational, however, funny. You will play using the parasite itself.
Get fun, learn, and challenge yourself in what you know. You will spent some time playing, but actually you will improve or prove your knowledge in microbiology, particularly in parasitology.

In this game you will play with a parasite, passing levels depending on your knowledge about the symptoms, diagnosis tests and treatments of the parasite.
When you finish the levels of one parasites you will reach the other.
This is a short game, so you can pass it quickly. And no one can tell you that you are wasting time, because you’re doing here what you should be doing.

How to Play
– Tap, Tap, Tap to get high while dodging all the symptoms, diagnosis tests and treatments symbols that relates to the parasite with you, other symbols won’t affect you.
– Timing, Focusing, Trying to learn and Patience are the keys to victory.
– Pass levels to reach to the next parasite.
– Earn coins to get some special features. You can get defenses for your parasite, or make it faster. And you can buy these things.

Why should you play this game?
– You will learn with fun. So it is the best choice when you are bored. Or after a long day.
– You will be a better doctor, by reviewing your information repeatedly. Especially that the parasites infected hundreds of millions of people in the world.
– It is free. Unless you want learn more quickly.

How much parasites are in this game?
There are 5 parasites:
– Leishmania.
– oncocerca volvulus.
– Wuchereria bancrofti.
– Trypanosoma.
– Plasmodium (malaria)
And they are all transmit by insects.
The parasites in the previous game will be the parasites transmitting by fecal-oral route. And there is one for the parasites transmitting by animals (see our website, and facebook page, wait for us 😉 ).

Can you end playing all the parasites?!Download Parasite 2 for free
Free download Parasite 2 : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sjadhealth.paras