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Persian Rise Up Battle Sim

Persian Rise Up Battle Sim Download Game

Persian Rise Up Battle Sim by GENtertainment Studios
The Persian kingdom is at war. Greek warriors have attacked your arena. You need to assemble your army and place it in the battleground. Use your combat skills and defeat your enemies to win this battle.
It’s a master piece of battle games. Face off against your enemies. It’s a battlefield where only survivals win. You need to choose from a variety of soldiers wisely. Build your armed force to attack. Opponents are ready to knock you down. Be a commando to lead your military. If you fail to choose right soldiers, your rivals will defeat you.
Persian Battle simulator offers you endless thrill and adventure. Enjoy the clash of armies. Attack on your enemies with highly trained and equipped armies to conquer the world.
-Two Factions:
This battle simulator game offers you two exciting factions: GREEK and PERSIAN. Choose your favorite one.
-Varity of Soldiers:
Melee , Ranged, Cavalry, Heavy, Hero and God categories of soldiers are here to win this Battle for Justice.
-Upgrade Troops:
Upgrade your troops to make them more and more powerful to win this epic clash.
-Energy Level:
Keep an eye on your energy level. Energy requires for each battle. Out of energy?? Don’t worry , you can buy energy pack to refill your energy.
-Pack of Gems:
You will get more and more packs of gems on each victory. Use these gems to upgrade epic characters.
Its sandbox mode will allow you to practice your warfare skills and be an expert military commando. Practice more and more to polish your combat skills.
Its exciting levels will give you a challenging thrill. Your enemy soldiers are ready to combat. Lead your force to win these levels wisely.
Its online mode is unlocked at Level 6. Play and win its first 6 levels then you will be able to play online mode. Its online mode will give you an opportunity to fight with other online players. Use your rules of battleground to win these online rounds.
Download link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Download Persian Rise Up Battle Sim Android

Persian Rise Up Battle Sim Free Download