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Pirate world Ocean break

You are pirate who choosed to be a chief to control ship and followers for exploring South East Asian ocean that overwhelming with local pirate and many dangers beneath.

Campaign mode:
– Control the ship by yourself to escape or defense the enemies and collect the relics
– Defense the enemies: estimate canon site that comes out from the side of the ship.
Otherwise you can collect Power up box that make you attack enemies quicker
– Collect the relic: relic help you unlock over 29 legendary ships that help you attack
the enemies easier
– Upgrade ship to achieve a higher score
– Collect high score in each stages to beat your friends
– Explore new island!

Treasure chest
– open the chest to find out:
1. GOLD: for upgrade the ship by combine with shippart or buy a new ship when
complete collected relics
2. DIAMOND: can buy a new treasures
3. SHIP: over 29 legendary ships to collect
4. SHIPPART: for upgrade the ship by combine with gold

– Increase efficiency: attack, health point, speed
– Unlock higher level of ship to enjoy new special ability ( fire aura, freeze aura, ghost, etc.)Download Pirate world Ocean break for free
Free download Pirate world Ocean break : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Swatch.PirateWorldOceanBreak