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Project Archery : Shoot Apples With Physics

Ever wanted to shoot Apples, Watermelon, Glass Bottles and break them in pieces in a very strange and fun way then this game is for you.
The Project Archery let’s you experience all of these things in a very fun and engaged way. You can use the power of imagination with epic bows and arrows to break the targets.
This game has two game mode.

Mode 1: Is called Target Mode in which you have to achieve target score in order to complete the level. In Target Mode you shoot on Dart Boards, Bulls Eye Board and face high speed wind challenges.

Mode 2: Is called Destruction Mode in which you have to break the given targets in pieces in order to proceed to next level. In Destruction Mode you shoot apples and break them in pieces, You shoot watermelons and glass bottles to achieve the goal target. You also face high speed wind in this mode.

Target Mode have Dart board and Bull’s eye target board with score markings on them to make the aim clearer.

There are 25 types of Bows and Arrows to choose from. Every next Bow than the previous one has more power which shoots Arrows with high speed and can resist the wind.

Then there is the Wind which makes it even more challenging to shoot but no problem you can use wind perks to stop all the wind.

Some time there are moving objects which also make it harder to shoot but with your power of imagination you can aim and you can hit.

This game works Offline which means No WiFi No Problem. You just have to Get Ready Aim and Fire! and experience the Non Stop Action.

Best part about this game is the Unrealistic Physics Engine which simulates the projectile of shooting arrow.

Some levels contain puzzles which you have to perceive accordingly.
Relaxing music makes it even more engaging and fun.
Download Project Archery : Shoot Apples With Physics for free
Free download Project Archery : Shoot Apples With Physics : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.makmatics.forestlandarchery