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Rise of American Gangster

Rise of American Gangster Download Game

Rise of American Gangster by Tap2Play, LLC
With liberty to snatch vehicles, variety of atrocious weaponry, and complete control to wander the big city, you have all the tools to become a criminal legend.
There can only be ONE BOSS, and it has to be you!
Rise of American Gangster is all about shooting up rival gangs and stealing cars to race down the strip, to dealing with smugglers and creating your terror in town. Chase the police, steal the cash cars of foes, make money and have criminally good fun!
This game has the diversified experience of a man living a life full of terror. Show no mercy to one who stands on your way! Lots of fun & excitement with variety of missions will give you an experience of thrill & adventure.
Engaging activities where you’ll always find something new to do.
Now your ultimate mission is to catch all those dirty rats who betrayed you!
Rise of American Gangster Features:
• Amusing and gritty visual and sounds effects
• Smooth, easy and addictive game play
• Amazing and challenging 3D environment for fighting and racing
• Realistic gangster life simulation
• Easy to control with different camera angles
• Action packed challenging missions
• Realistic shooting animations
Download link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

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Rise of American Gangster Free Download