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Ryu Dynasty Gameplay Android / iOS

Ryu Dynasty Gameplay Android / iOS Download Game

【Game Features】
「Super Fresh! Never seen innovative game play」
The industry first ever AR (Augmented Reality) technology, using physical magic cards to scan, achieving the ultimate fantasy of 2dimension by “scanning real people, and raising into own chambers of concubines, which make use of the camera lenses to realise the “live interaction of social over the screens”, can be said the most innovative game play that ‘kills time’ for people who just stay at home!

「Super Dazzling! God-like relics that blind your eyes」
The powerful attributes of awaken relics, Supercilious skill of Gods, all kinds of schemes that conceal some great dangers, random big skills that will win in 1 move; Doom mythological animals, Dawn war! There is only what you can’t think of, but none that you can’t play!

「Super Exhilarating! Hundreds of pattern to develop strength」
Heroes advancement, brand new Ougi, attribute of the tripartite confrontation engender and restrain one another, rich formation that can be matched freely, conquer the enemy with no opponents! There is no soldier who doesn’t kill enemies, only a lord that can’t be raised. As long there is attentive development, Liu Bei will also able to defeat Lu Bu!

「Super Cute! The most vivid Japanese style and dubbing」
Designed and drawn by heavyweight painters who are perfectionist that will spend all night to draw and modify the very details of all images, every scene, every special effect, and every historical hero will be presented in the highest quality! Super cute soothing characters, overwhelming combat experiences, striking skills’ of the Heroes, imposing line up of real CV (character voice), giving you an unprecedented gaming experiences enjoyment!

「Super Touched! Masterpiece with Luxurious welfare」
Free collection of red packet for new servers, every month login and check-in gift God. Next day login gift “Xia Hou Dun”, 7 days login bring “Zhao Yun” back home! Such benefit, and such premium production, is absolutely a honorific piece of the industry!
Please take note that, play game is free! You can download and use it for free!
But there are also in-app purchases that can be used to increase the game speed!


App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ryu-d…
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Total Size : 239 Mb

Download Ryu Dynasty Gameplay Android / iOS

Ryu Dynasty Gameplay Android / iOS Free Download