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Special Combat Ops- Counter Attack Shooting Game

Aliens are invading our planet.
You have to guard the last land of human beings!
Kill all enemies with the most advanced weapons!
This is your mission!

Game features:
 The difficulty of the game varies from simple to difficult. It is convenient for players to adapt to the game. You can feel the fun of shooting in the constantly upgraded challenges.
 The ultimate battle scene, the next generation of game style, realistic shooting and control, not to mention the ultimate sounds. You will feel the fierce and cruel of the real battlefield!
 Game levels are diverse:
There is a BOSS level after every few levels. The rewards are huge, let you find the real challenge fun!
 Weapons are rich and varied:
Long-distance weapons, short-range weapons, special weapons… Each weapon has dozens of types to choose fromand it can exert the most powerful power in different levels. The weapon is cool and powerful. Upgrading the system can make a huge difference!
 Various items:
There are various kinds of props- grenades, all-field bombing missiles, double gold coins, etc. The right use of props can reverse the battle!
 A variety of roles for you to choose from:
Each character has its own different attributes! Upgrade them to get more power!Download Special Combat Ops- Counter Attack Shooting Game for free
Free download Special Combat Ops- Counter Attack Shooting Game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.specialcombatops.moderncounterattack.shootinggame