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Sponge Simulator. City Survival

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the best simulator game about the Sponge!

10 Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese.

Welcome to the Bottom City! You play for a guy whose name is Bob! Meet your favorite underwater sponge’s enemies, neighbor and friends!
One day you saw that many bad fish came to your neighborhood! They are trying kidnapping of your friends from your bottom city and You must to rescue them! The streets of your town became very scary! These Bob’s enemies are waiting for you in every corner of the city!


– Upgrade the stamina and health of your sponge character!

– Enjoy the great fighting Kombat! Collect money and buy a lot of different weapons for Bob!

– Search and use health boosters, donuts, hotdog shops, money chests, candies and other items!

– Beat enemies and keep their money!

– High Quality 3D Graphics!

– A LOT of Characters! In this game you can meet all sponge friends and his enemies! Rescue Squid, neighbor Patrick, Crab, and others!

– Adjust the Controls as you want! Change the language in the main menu.

– Different difficulty missions! Explore the Bottom City!

Bob came to the bottom of the city and settled next to your new friend Patrick. One day he did not come home from work!
You started worrying about your neighbor. You took a baseball bat and went to the city center to find out what happened. You saw that in the city there are a lot of evil enemies who captured not only your neighbor but also all your friends!

It is time for justice! Save all your friends and beat the enemies!
Download Sponge Simulator. City Survival for free
Free download Sponge Simulator. City Survival : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tinysponge.sponge.simulator.city